Submit an offering below that would make the perfect gift for someone who is growing an online business.

This could be anything from services, 1:1 offers, VIP Days, courses, templates, ebooks, short trainings or digital downloads that make a good gift for friends, family or clients.

It’s not a giveaway in the same sense as a bundle. It’s more like a list of ideas for Christmas gifts. There is no need for people to sign up to access it. Nothing is given for free and no one buys anything to be part of it. (Apart from hopefully buying your offers as gifts 🥳)

It will be sort of like a shop window that will be publicly available for people to see and look for gift ideas for business owner friends.

To be included, all you have to do is share the Gift Guide with your audience as soon as it’s live. I’m aiming for 1st December.

Note: You might need to consider how you would deliver a product to someone who has bought it for someone else. More so if it’s course or digital download. (You could create a separate checkout for them or add a note to the sales page about how someone can buy it as a gift)

Submissions close on 27th November at 10am GMT.

Sorry, submissions have now closed but you can register your interest for the next one below.

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