Doing the tech and marketing dance with 2 left feet?

All the things that go into building a business can put a strain on the reason why you started it in the first place.

When I started my business, the *reason I started* became overshadowed by the foundations. It was at this point when I started digging into doing it all myself and learning how the tech, systems and marketing worked and clipped together.

I loved building and then rebuilding when I learned something new and that kind of hindered me but it was all for a reason. I loved the chase of sorting out complicated things. I still do. 🤓

Which is why, this membership really excites me as it gives me more opportunities outside of my client work to help more people with behind the scenes of their businesses.

When you are stuck with Tech and Marketing, you’ve got 3 options…

Muddle on through

and get overwhelmed, feeling like you’re not moving the needle.

Hire a someone

Get someone to do it all for you so you can take a back seat.

or Join BTS!

Where I’ll be your wing woman when you can’t work it out.

Keeping that spark you had when your first started your business or when you are in flow with doing the what-you-love part of business is something we would all love to stretch into every part of business.

  • Into the marketing.
  • Into the tech.
  • Into the systems.
  • Into the website.
  • Into the process.
  • Into the customer/client journey

Knowing that all this stuff will carry your dream and allow you to do more of what you are best at.

Are you ready to start getting stuff done and get rid of that overwhelm?

Behind the Scenes is your all-in-one resource for cultivating the tech, systems, and marketing essentials that support business success.

Marketing & Techy Treats included…



As a Marketing & Tech VA, I live and breathe all things behind the scenes so I’m here to support you and give you pointers to make the tech and marketing side of your business easier.


Template Library

Access to organisation, planning, website and marketing templates (Canva / Airtable / Notion / Google Sheets / Asana and more as I go)


Private Community

Private (off Facebook) community where all resources and courses are also housed. The membership and community are hosted in Heartbeat.


Voxer Office Hours*

Every week, I open up Voxer access for 6 hours so that I can support you one to one. You can voice message me or drop me a written message.


Tech & Marketing Feedback

Submit your question and I’ll either create a post to support you or create a video if we need to dive deeper into your topic.


Challenges & Get it Done Weeks

We’ll come together for themed Get-it-done Weeks and Challenges to help you move the needle in your business.

*Included in the Voxer Level Membership only

I’m throwing in a ton of templates, trainings, tools and access to my nerd brain with on hand tutorials and support.

Plus so many more planners, journals and templates that make business easier.

I’ll be adding more things as I create new trainings and resources.

And you’ll get access to these courses…

Funnel Mapping Made Easy

Knowing what’s what and planning out how all of your offerings clip together can be a faff but it doesn’t need to be.

This training will help you organise, plan and keep track of all of the moving parts of your funnels.

Accessibility: Closed captions, transcript/detailed notes + audio.

Value: $135

Sort Out Ya Socials Training + Template

Need to get your content organised and want to stop feeling like creating content is a massive pain in the behind?

It’s easy to get stuck in a content creation don’t-have-the-time / brain capacity loop when it comes to staying consistent on social media.

Accessibility: Closed captions + audio.

Value: $77

Tech Stack Insights Diary/Journal

Access to Tech Stack Insights diary where I write about a bunch of different apps and systems and my experiences with them for myself and with clients giving you some first hand insights.

Accessibility: Text based content

Value: $9 but honestly worth so much more!

Plus there is an iOS and Android app so you can take the community on the go.
(or if you prefer to access it in browser on your computer you can do that too)

Blooming Bosses Bonus


Feature your stuff on the marketplace

Submit as many things to the marketplace as you want. Products, services, courses etc. (See above for the full list)


Collaboration Opportunities

Submit your offerings to our bundles & collaborations as featured bosses.

Marketing Opportunities

Get your offers featured on our marketing channels – Including email, social media, Pinterest, blog posts and inside our community.

You might be wondering why I have priced the TVA Membership at $47 per month… so here’s where I explain how we’ll make this work…

  • We’ll keep all discussions inside the community unless we’re doing Voxer Office Hours.
  • I may ask for your app logins if there is something I need to look at on a deeper level.
  • Q&As can be submitted all throughout the month and I’ll aim to blast through them each week.
  • I won’t be able to do it all for you. I’m here to guide you and help you get from A to B with more ease.

Why send your Tech & Marketing questions my way…

Hey there, I’m Gem.

I’ve been in the online business world since 2012, when I started my first ecommerce business and an art blog.

Since then, I’ve been knee-deep in marketing, tech, graphic design, website building, and crafting those intricate systems that make businesses tick. I am totally self-taught and I love helping creative business owners make their products and services shine with marketing, tech and the right systems.

I really enjoy unravelling complex tech puzzles and bringing clients’ ideas to life.

The online business world is a land of endless opportunities, but navigating it requires more than just ambition and a money goal. That’s where I come in – to help you untangle the behind the scenes of your business so you can focus on what you do best.

What my clients say about my tech and marketing expertise…

Working with Gemma has changed my business so much! I feel really supported. She is just so efficient and organised, I love how quickly she gets stuff done and how she can spot any other things I might not have thought of.

I also love that she has such a wide range of skills and can turn her hand to using all of the tech stuff I have in place in my business.

– Laura Agar Wilson, Wholeheartedly Laura

I don’t even know where to start! I’ve felt SO stuck for months and months now, like I haven’t been able to make progress in my own business and suddenly that has all changed! It’s like the capacity to get things done has 10x’d. I love having you to chat with about business ideas, as well as just life stuff. I love that you have ideas, suggestions and knowledge that makes my life so much easier. Being able to say something like, I want to add a tripwire to X and you just get it done is amazing.

– Dani Fairhurst, Organise & Grow

“I can’t recommend her enough. She is just wonderful to work with – she knows her stuff and has the patience of a saint.”

– Amanda Freeman,


Why is the Voxer Access Tier not always open?

This tier include weekly access to me via Voxer and I limit the intake to 10 at any one time so that I can support those members with my full focus. I might open up more spaces in the future though. I want to see see how I get on with a small group of members first 🙂

Does Membership include any 1:1 support?

If you join us, you’ll get access to a library of tutorials and the opprtunity to get feedback. I record based on what you need help with. This does not include 1:1 unless you join us for the Voxer tier of the membership.

For the BTS Voxer Access Membership Level, I open up Voxer once a week for 6 hours so that I can support you one to one. You can voice message me or drop me a written message if you prefer.

I also offer 20% off my Tech Game Plan VIP days and Co Work it Out Days for all BTS Members.

Do I get to keep access to the courses if I cancel my membership?

If you decide to cancel your membership access to any included courses, templates and resources will be removed.

How are you making all of this accessible?


Every video will always have Closed Captions and video playback speed adjustment feature.

I’m also looking at how I can pull off transcriptions from the videos.

If want to join us and need other options outside of this, please let me know. I want to support you in anyway I can.

Feel free to message me if you have ideas for how I can improve accessibility for you.

Course Accessibility:

  • Funnel Mapping Made Easy! – Closed Captions, transcript/detailed notes + audio.
  • Sort Out Ya Socials – Closed Captions + audio.
  • Tech Stack Insights – This diary is text-based.

Any new courses will have Closed Captions, a transcript / detailed notes + audio.

Where can I find out more about the Blooming Bosses Bonus?

You can explore Blooming Bosses here.

I need a different Marketplace category for my offerings. Can you add one?

If your offering doesn’t fall into any of the categories we have on the site, let me know when you are adding a product and we can look at adding a new category

Who can see the Marketplace?
The directory is publicly available. Only submissions are exclusive to members.
When I submit a product/service will it be immediately available on the Marketplace website?
We manage your listings so when you submit an offering, we will make sure that it is optimised and make it live on the website.

If you have a question that hasn’t been covered, get in touch with me here.

Join us and let’s make your business feel like less of a tech and marketing faff.

BTS Membership

$47 per month

$560 per year

BTS Membership + Voxer

$125 per month

$1325 per year

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