Is your website built using the Divi Theme by Elegant Themes?

Does it need to be jazzed up?

Look no further than

Divi it up

A set of services aimed at making your Divi site look awesome and rock your clients socks off.

Spectacular Sale Pages

Do you need a new sales page or want to make one look and flow better? This service aims to make your sales page look good, read easily and help you sell your service with ease. I will proof all of your sales page copy and lay it out in a fun eye-catching way so that you can feel as proud as punch when you share it, run adverts to it and make sales.

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Lead Magnet Magic

Does your Lead Magnet feel like it’s jinxed? Let’s get together and make it look magical so that you can charm your potential clients with your know-how. We’ll go through your free offering, improve it, make the visuals look beautiful and set up a solid system that is seamlessly integrated into your website so that you can forget all about it.

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Website Design

Or maybe you need a new website? I specialise in creating WordPress Websites for Creative Business Owners. Whether you are looking for a full e-commerce storefront with all the bells and whistles or a place where you can show off your business services in a way that feels super-aligned to your values as a business owner, I’ve got you covered.

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