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Knowing what’s what and planning out how all of your offerings clip together can be a faff but…

it doesn’t need to be.

You know the feeling. You’re inundated with a million things to do and keep track of and the thought of creating an evergreen funnel from scratch is daunting, to say the least. But you also know how important it is to have one if you want your business to thrive long-term.

If only there were an easy way to figure out your evergreen funnels AND keep track of everything in one place…enter Funnel Mapping Made Easy!

Let’s F the faff and feeling overwhelmed and get it nailed together.

Lend me your brain and I’ll show you how to get the following boxed off in this quick 18-minute training:

  • Plan out your content and how it hooks into your funnels
  • Know what opt-in promotes what offer
  • Map out your evergreen funnels
  • Be able to find your sales page copy doc easily
  • Find your sales pages and checkout links without hunting around your website
  • Plan out your pricing and what offers you have hooked into your funnels

You’ll also get the template I use with my clients to map out their funnels. (Available in Airtable format – Google Sheets and Excel format are coming soon!)

So, if you find keeping all of the bits and bobs related to your funnels, opt-ins, sales pages, checkouts and offers organised a massive pain in the booty…

Get Funnel Mapping Made Easy!

Here’s what is included in the training & template:

  • Blog Content Planning – Map out all of your ideas and create a simple schedule in combination with the Blog Asana Template
  • Blog Content Tracker – Track everything you have on your blog including links, categories and content upgrades (opt-ins etc)
  • Freebies – Keep track of all of your freebies, where they live on your website, what format they are in, what they promote, whether that are hooked up to tripwires, when you created and last reviewed them plus add in links or files of your freebies. This is perfect for a quick overview and great to help you check where you may have a blind spot in your funnels.
  • Digital Products – Keep a record of sales page link, check out links, prices, product files, editable files so you can do quick updates and keep track of how the product gets delivered to your customers.
  • Services – Record how people can book a service, the price and the sales page and checkout URLs for easy access.
  • Online Courses – Track categories, prices, when you last updated and reviewed your courses and track your links for speedy access.
  • Paid for apps – Keep track of all of your apps and systems in one snapshot.

Plus you’ll be way more discerning when it comes to creating new offers

Ready to blast the weeds out of your evergreen funnels?

C’mon! Let me show you!

Bag the template in the next 20 minutes and get 40% off!

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