The Making it Bloom


Hey Boss! I’m so excited that you are interested in joining the Making It Bloom Bundle!

This bundle is specifically aimed at coaches, course creators and service-based business owners who are looking for ways to make their businesses BLOOM.

You can submit courses, templates, ebooks, short trainings, digital downloads etc to the free bundle or the paid bundle or both if you fancy.

This could be related to anything from social media and email marketing to mindset and wellbeing.

Bundle Details

The bundle will run from Monday 10th April – Tuesday 18th April 2023.

Access to your free & premium bundle products should be set to expire on 31st May 2023. (We’ll tell people to sign up by 30th May)

The premium bundle will be free for all contributors.

If you contribute to the paid bundle you will earn 70% commission. If you contributed to the free bundle only you will earn 40% commission. (The premium bundle will be USD $77)

** Important Submission Info **

Whatever you submit in this form is what will be used on the sign up pages for bundle participants. (We’ll also use it to test the sign up process and check your submission is a good fit so please make sure the sign up process is working)

AND please make sure your images are the correct size.

Free Bundle Submissions should be worth under $100 and the Premium Bundle Submissions should be worth over $100

** Submission Deadline **

Submissions close on Friday 17th February 2023.

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