An 80+ page PDF filled with worksheets, prompts and processes to guide you through building the foundations of your business. You’ll also get 6 months of support from me via Voxer.

This planner was designed with artists and designers in mind and acts as a guide to help you create the basic foundations with some additional support when you need it.

Reflection – During this section, you will reflect on where you are at in your life and business right now so that you can prepare yourself for making decisions that will help you create a business that is in complete alignment with who you are and how you want to live your life.

Figure it out – During this section, you will get right down to the core of figuring out what you are going to be doing so that you can stop procrastinating on so many different ideas.

Foundations & Systems – During this section, you are going to focus on the building blocks that will make up your business. You need to look at how you are going to stay organised, motivated and on top of the admin side of your business so that you don‘t end up feeling overwhelmed with tasks.

Branding – During this section, you are going to get your business branding in order so that you can market your business effectively. We’ll go right into the essence of your business so that you can get your branding air tight.

Marketing – Marketing your craft effectively is super important if you want your business to work. Just setting up a website isn’t going to make people visit it and buy from you. You need to show them that the place to buy your products exists and enable you to build a trusting relationship through your marketing. During this section, we are going to focus on social media and content creation.

Selling & Customer Service – During this section, you will get your pricing formulas in tune, plan out new product development and your customer experience process.