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Need to take a time out to reflect on your business?

The My Business Reflection Workbook + Meditation is all about reflecting on your business and understanding where you might be missing something. This workbook comes with ‘The Oak Tree‘ Guided Meditation which helps you move forward with your business through figuring out exactly where you need to focus your energy and time. You can listen to a sample of the meditation below.

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Vision Board Workbook


Create your perfect vision this Vision Board Workbook. Ask yourself the right questions, immerse yourself in your dreams, needs and greatest aspirations and journal your way through to creating a vision board that inspires you to keep on track every single day.

This PDF workbook includes:
• Gorgeous cover page.
• An introduction on how to create your Vision Board.
• Journaling prompts
• Colouring page to help you create a Mantra Mandala that helps you stay focused on your deepest desires
• Word of the year activities.
• Goal lists.
• Vision board planning.

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