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I specialise in creating WordPress Websites for Creative Business Owners. Whether you are looking for a full e-commerce storefront with all the bells and whistles or a place where you can show off your business services in a way that feels super-aligned to your values as a business owner, I’ve got you covered.

Use the form at the bottom of this page to let me know a little more about your business and I will send a questionnaire over to you to get more details. Then we can decide whether we would be a good fit working together on your new website.

Hey, I’m Gem, the web, branding and planner nerd behind Create & Bloom Strategy + Design. I work with small creative business owners to craft, develop and crystalize an online presence and voice for their products and services.

I have been working in marketing, graphic design and building WordPress websites since 2013 - I am totally self-taught and I love helping creative business owners make their products and services shine.

Divi is my preferred theme as it is so versatile and allows you to do pretty much anything with your website and to make your site stand out, tell your story and sell your products/services. If you want to discuss using the Divi theme in more detail before looking at working together, please, drop me a message and we can talk about whether Divi will work for your website.

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I offer a range of website design packages that I have crafted to suit every need from super simple to showcasing spellbinding services or products for sale. Check them by signing up for my ‘Crafting Your Brand’s Online Voice & Pricing Guide’ below, and if you have any queries or are looking for something different, please let me know using the form at the bottom of this page and we can discuss to make sure we create the right type of website for your needs.

Crafting Your Brand’s Online Voice & Pricing Guide

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“I can’t recommend her enough. She is just wonderful to work with – she knows her stuff and has the patience of a saint.”


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