Do you wanna build a website?

Come on, let’s go and play!

If you are not tech savvy or just prefer to avoid those icky bits of business, building a website can be blergh, argh and wtf all in one line of not so simple code.

That’s how I felt when I started my business back in 2012 and funnily enough that feeling set me off on a journey of figuring all this hard yucky websitey, systemy stuff out.

And now it’s like putty in my hands so I’ve been helping businesses mould it ever since.

You have a business which needs an online presence no matter what you offer or where you offer it.

That statement in itself feels like blergh, puke, pass the coffee overwhelm.

So, in the name of techy WTFs, here’s my deal…

You give me the content and I will build you a website that looks sh*t hot, is organised, easy to manage and makes business so much easier.

We’ll get together on Zoom and talk everything through (branding, copy, your services etc.) then I will give you a GoogleDrive folder structure template that you can upload all your content to and hand it straight off to me.

Thennn… I will crack on with building your website using one of my themes as a guide. (You get to choose which theme and can explore them all below)

Sound good?


How is this gonna work?

Without the hassle


Full tilt

There will be no faffing about with fonts and colours. We are just going to get the job boxed off. You’ll walk away with a website that looks P.R.O and with pure walk away confidence all after giving me a glowing testimonial. Wink.

I want you to have the website that you and your business deserve so that you can…

a) start off on the right (or left) foot – whichever you prefer.


b) get rid of the current website that you cannot stand and don’t even want to promote because, let’s face it… what’s the point in that.

The themes we will use

These beasties were designed by me specifically to be used for Divi.

Alana Theme

Ruby Theme

Why will we use these themes, Gem?


They are pretty.

They are adaptable.

Divi is a rock solid theme. If you’re not sure, hop on a call with me and I’ll show you why it’s all that and a bag of sugar.

You are still scrolling so, you probably rather like them.

And it means I can get the job done faster which also means:

• It will be cheaper for you.

• You’ll be online with a beautiful website faster.

• You know exactly what you are getting.

ALSO, I designed them so, that has to count for something too, right?

Will your website look too similar to everyone else’s who uses that theme? Nope, because I will make sure that your branding is used effectively across the website (and 2. I’ll make sure of it)

You will need:

  • To be prepared before you sign up
  • Feel like Gem is your ideal website wing woman
  • Your hosting to be sorted out already
  • A domain
  • Branding that feels aligned
  • Your content to be 100% ready – Images, copy, elements etc.
  • Confidence in that content
  • To decide which of my themes you want your site to be based on

The only thing you don’t need is a Divi Theme licence. We’ll be using mine.

Website woes be gone

Want to get started?

Not sure? Let’s book in for a brew and a chat and I will tell you more about it and you can give me the breakdown of what you need your website to do.

Click here tell me more and to book a call.

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