4 Key Areas + Call to Action Button Ideas & Examples

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Coming up with non-boring call to action ideas for your website’s buttons can be difficult when all you want to do it get that sale page/lead magnet/new service or new page on your website online so that you can start sharing it.

Getting your call to action right, could be all it takes to get someone to say yes to your offering so in this post, you will find four key areas of your site where your CTAs might need a little more oomph and some fun alternatives to the often dull ‘Subscribe’ and Sign Up’ buttons.

You can also download these and some bonus call to action button examples at the end of this post for easy access when you need them.

What would a CTA blog post be without a CTA of its own?

Lead Magnet Downloads:

  • Download yours
  • Grab a copy
  • Teach me more
  • Show me how
  • Send it to me
  • This is what I need right now. Send it to me.
  • Need this in your life? Click here to download.

Challenges/Webinars/Events etc:

  • Snag your spot
  • Grab your seat
  • Join the Challenge/Webinar/Event
  • Get your webinar/challenge reminder
  • I accept the challenge
  • Yes, I want to learn more about XYZ (Insert webinar title)

Sales Page Purchase Buttons:

  • Sounds amazing. Let’s go!
  • Lemme in!
  • Where do I sign?
  • How do I get started?
  • Take me to the checkout
  • Take this course
  • Book my spot/place/seat

Find Out More Buttons:

  • I want to work with you, Gem! (Insert your name)
  • Sound good? Click here to find out more
  • Need to hear more? Click here
  • Get the lowdown on XYZ (Insert name of thing)
  • Get more info right here
  • Click here to dive in

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