Free Resources

I have split up all of my free resources into categories so you can find what you need a little easier.


Free Instagram Templates

Want some free templates for making quick and easy Reels, Stories and Posts on Instagram?

Bag them at the button below and I’ll send you 9 Posts, 9 Stories and 2 Reels Templates.

Website Marketing Integration Guide

Want to integrate your marketing a little deeper into your website?

Download the FREE Website Marketing Integration Brainwork Guide Sheet and work towards integrating new ideas into your website.

Want to work on your website marketing integrations?

Here’s 15 minutes of me chatting about marketing integrations. There is no promo in there, just me, my slides and a couple of free resources.

The video has closed captions and has the option to listen to the audio only. You can download a full transcript too.

Bundle Tracking System Template

Want to get organised with the bundles you are contributing to? Get the free Bundle Tracker so that you can stay on top of what you have submitted and all of the important dates, bundle to-do’s and track your stats.

Get your free template below!

Call to action Buttons Quick Fix Sheet

Need some intriguing call to action buttons on your website?

Grab a copy of my Call to action Quick Fix to help encourage people to take action on your website.

Getting Started

Website design considerations Checklist

Need persuading to go with WordPress?

It’s no secret that I am a big fan of WordPress so if you want to know more, I’ll tell you all about why I love it over any other website builder.

Sign up to listen to the video!

Thinking about hiring your first VA?

Maybe you don’t feel ready to let go of the tasks that you have always done yourself since you started your business. Maybe you don’t feel ready to start delegating because your systems are all over the place.

But MAYBE hiring a VA is the best way to overcome letting go of tasks and to give you a kick in the direction of organising your business’ behind the scenes so that you enjoy the reason you started your business in the first place.

Download the FREE workbook and get yourself 100% ready to finally take the plunge and shift some tasks off your shoulders.


Website design considerations Checklist

Suss Out Your Tech Stack Journal

Get this mini journal which aims to help you get a clearer on your tech and systems set up.

Website design considerations Checklist

12 things to consider when building your website

Want to hear my two cents on what you should be doing with your website to make it pop, rock and sell your stuff?

Grab a copy of my ’12 Things you need to consider when building or rebuilding your website’ below.

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