The Quickstart Guide to Being Ready to Build a Website

$111 / £85 (Payment plan available)
Accessibility: Closed captions + audio.

If you are looking at building or rebuilding your own website or are looking to hire someone so that you can make your business stand out online but have no idea where to start with getting everything together – this course will help you get the job done so that you’ll be ready to create a website that feels aligned, rock solid and future proofed, come rain, shine or rebrand.

Funnel Mapping Made Easy (Training + Template)

$135 \ £111
Accessibility: Closed captions, transcript/detailed notes + audio.

Knowing what’s what and planning out how all of your offerings clip together can be a faff but it doesn’t need to be.

So, let’s F the faff and overwhelm and get it nailed, together.

Lend me your brain and I’ll show you how to get it done in this quick 18-minute Funnel Mapping Made Easy! training.

Sort Out Ya Socials Training + Template

$77 \ £64
Accessibility: Closed captions + audio.

Need to get your content organised and want to stop feeling like creating content is a massive pain in the behind?

It’s easy to get stuck in a content creation don’t-have-the-time / brain capacity loop when it comes to staying consistent on social media.

As a Virtual Assistant, I have seen it in my clients and also in myself far too many times to count. I found it hard to look after my own content and manage my client workload. My marketing always ended up on the shelf and I had to keep dusting it off and starting again – I needed an easier way to market myself and stay on top of it without feeling like it was a massive hassle.

I needed a place to dump ideas as well as a place to plan and write content – I wanted it all in one place but I also wanted a bank of past content so I could repurpose old stuff and be inspired to create new content.

So, I created a Social Media Planner to get organised, inspired and on the ball.

Market Place & Collaborative Economy for Entrepreneurs

Get more eyes on your services, products, memberships, courses, podcasts and free resources.

Find a Boss is a collaborative economy packed with offers for & by online businesses. Find courses, group programs, digital products, DFY services and podcasts by Coaches, Marketing Strategists, Copywriters, Virtual Assistants and a ton more.

Join us and let’s build this collaborative economy together.

Free Webinars

Watch my free Trainings on Websites, Systems & Tech.

They are 10-20 (ish) minutes each and contain zero promo.

I hope you find them useful!

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