6 ways to use your website to generate passive income as an online service-based business

In the name of full transparency, please note that this post contains affiliate links. If you use them, I might be rewarded credit or a commission of the sale (at no extra cost for you) I only recommend resources and tools that I personally use and love and I always have my community in mind when sharing things like this.

As an online business owner who offers services, I love having multiple offerings that allow me to adapt and place them through out my website. Being able to position and package them in various ways gives me so much freedom to share what I do and reach more people. Here is a list of 6 ways you can generate passive income as an online service-based business through your website.

The first one and second one are your bread and butter and will help inform the rest of the points. Ready to start creating passive income?

Digital products

Create a bank of multiple offers that sell themselves (ie without your input on delivery) such as ebooks, audio series, PDFs, templates and courses. These can be set up to automatically deliver the goods with zero input on your part.

This is relevant to all types of businesses. Just because you sell flowers doesn’t mean that you can’t have a passive income offer in the form of digital download.

Online courses

Creating an online course can feel a bit daunting when you haven’t done one before but it doesn’t have to feel like a heft task all.

Decide on the subject, create an outline, create some slide and pad them out with all your knowledge then hit record.

You don’t have to be on screen either. I do my courses with just my voice and my slides or screen. I also have a few clients who have audio courses and they also work really well.

You get to choose how easy or hard it is to put it out there. Plus, you can always go in and change things and add new resources and videos in the future. It doesn’t have to be a one and done thing. You can develop and better it as you grow.

Course Platforms I use for clients & myself:


For each opt in that you create, create an organic path to an time sensitive discounted offer. Make sure that this offer is aligned to you opt in. There is no point offering a free workbook about yoga then funnelling people to an offer about dog walking. You need to understand who the person is that is interested in your freebie and what else might help them.

Options when using WordPress:

  • Hurrytimer
  • Deadline funnel
  • Elementor countdown timer (select ‘Evergreen’)

Affiliate Marketing

Become an affiliate for your favourite brands, products and services. If there is something that you rave about that to your clients and customers, look at how you can share it and make an income from it.

Create a resources page on your website with all of your affiliate links, add affiliate links to your blog posts, inside your online courses and any other offering that you have.

Order bumps + Upsells

Order bumps and upsells are great for creating a little extra income on top of what you already sell. Using apps like ThriveCart, StudioCart or SamCart are great for this. (I personally use ThriveCart and StudioCart for Mantra + Moon)

Again, with order bumps and upsells you want to be adding more value for your customer on top of the original product they are purchasing – The order bump and upsell items need to be aligned to that original offer in some way.

Evergreen funnels

Setting up an evergreen funnel is the perfect place at to guide your audience towards the purchase.

Offer them a great freebie, then give them a little more than they bargained for in your follow up emails by adding pure value that builds on top of the freebie then hit them with an offer to buy your course for X amount in the next 12 hours after reading your email.

The best tools for creating evergreen funnels are Deadline Funnel and Thrive Suite.

This is a big task but once you box it off, you’ll have a system that will repeat in your sleep.

How do you plan to integrate more passive income streams into your website? Let me know over on Instagram – I love to talk systems 😉

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