How I’m combatting the BS of last year

In this post, I want to talk about making tweaks to your business again because I’ve been busy making some extra changes to help with stress, parenthood, mental health, and general functioning human stuff.

Last year, felt really tough and there were a couple of times where I completely cracked and felt like everything was impossible and the universe was testing me in a massive way.

There was a lot of illness across the board in our family and childcare was a 💩 show. I barely spent any time in my office, I was trying to work in between doctor’s appointments, keeping a poorly 3-year old happy and occupied whilst trying to keep my head above water with client work, working late into the evening, googling how to help my little girl feel better, wondering if I would be better off working from home again, whilst also making sure everyone else was happy and it was just too much.

I’m always looking for solutions when something happens. It really felt like the universe was taking the absolute piss out of me so I needed to reevaluate how I’m working and how I can make my life less chaotic so this is what I came up with…

  • I used to kick off Monday’s off with admin and marketing related stuff which I loved doing but as much as that was great, if something hit the fan with childcare mid week, it would really mess with my workload. If I spent Monday on my own stuff and I had to drop everything on Tuesday to look after my little girl then I’d struggle the rest of the week and I’d be working evenings and really wearing myself out. So, Monday’s are now client work days so I can start my week off strong.

    In hindsight, I don’t know why I didn’t do this before 👀
  • I’m going to keep on top of my accounting every couple of weeks instead of once in a blue moon, I’m going to schedule in Admin days so if anything does get left behind, I can get on top during those time blocks.
  • I was going to look at getting another bigger screened computer that stays at home as my laptop is far too small for some of the work I do so I needed to create another option for days when I am stuck at home and can’t get to my lovely big screen in my office. So, I bought a cheap monitor that I can have at home and can plug my laptop into and it has already made a big difference. At this point spending £s on another computer wasn’t really feasible (You’ll see why in the next point)
  • I walk pretty much everywhere and I don’t mind walking in the rain at all as long as I’m wrapped up and wearing a good coat but with my little one starting preschool back in September and us walking to school (It takes 30 mins with her little legs. Bless), I see more how much my own car would make a difference. Plus getting to and from my office in these colder UK months has been fun especially in the snow so I stayed at home – This is where the bigger screen at home would have come in handy.

We are about to pay off our current car in full then we can look at getting some sort of automatic banger for me. I haven’t driven for like 10+ years so I’ve banned myself from a nice one (/manual one🤣) until I feel confident enough on the road. This is something I want to nail in the Summer months so at this point all I can do is hype myself up till then and imagine I am driving when someone else is.

I feel like there is space in my brain again after making some moves on these things so fingers crossed this all does what I’m hoping for. I’d love to hear what tweaks you have made or are making when it comes to juggling life and running a business.

Hey, I’m Gem! The tech, systems and planner nerd behind Create & Bloom.

I work with creative business owners and entrepreneurs to craft, develop and crystallize an online presence and voice for their products and services as well as going deep into integrating systems to make their businesses run smoother.

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