How to Leave Unproductive Days Behind with Perfect Time Management

We all have those days where productivity is low and we just can’t get anything done, luckily there are some amazing ways to kick the habit of not getting stuff done – Yes, productivity is a habit! It is just a matter of getting yourself into the mindset of being productive and providing yourself with an environment to do so. The sluggish mindset of being stuck and on a ‘go slow’ can totally be kicked but you need the determination to do it.

So, are you determined?

If so, then let’s dive into this whole productivity thing by looking at the Pomodoro® Technique.

First of all, what is the Pomodoro Technique®?

The Pomodoro Technique® is all about working with the time you have, removing procrastination, providing maximum focus and making sure that you get everything done without the overwhelming feeling of ‘too much to do’. The technique was developed in the late 1980’s by Francesco Cirillo and has become so popular that Cirillo now teaches the technique all over the world.

The idea is that you work in chunks of 25 minutes and a take a short break between each chunk. 1 Pomodoro = 25 minutes but there is no reason why you can’t shorten this or extend it depending on the task at hand. Using this technique will increase your productivity big time

I personally like to work in 30 and 45-minute sprints when I need to get lots of little tasks done. Just knowing that you have a limited time to complete a task makes you focus and work hard to complete it in the time frame you give yourself. It isn’t something that I do every day – usually when I feel an overwhelm of tasks and get that feeling that I am never going to get it all done is when I will sit down and create a list of tasks and note down the time limits for each.

I have found that doing this technique first thing in the morning to get a bunch of tasks out of the way works best for me. I think the frame of mind that it gives me early in the morning provides me with a full focus mentality for the rest of the day even if I do not use the technique for the remainder of the day.

What are the best timers for the Pomodoro Technique®?

Planning your day

The best way to start your day is to have a plan and the best time to plan is… THE NIGHT BEFORE Why? Because this eliminates morning procrastination so that you can power on as soon as your working day starts. To help you with this I have created a Perfect Productivity Plan that you can use to help you plan out your day using blocks of 25 minutes with 5-minute breaks in between to grab a drink or plan out a task for your next 25-minute work sprint. Now, you don’t have to use this sheet to the full day. You could try it in the morning, or in the afternoon when you feel an overwhelm of tasks to complete by the end of the day. Whatever way you decide to do it the first time, keep testing at different times of the day and see what time works best for you. Grab your copy below ⬇️

If you would like to go more in-depth with this brilliant technique, check out the website dedicated to all things Pomodoro®. You can attend courses and grab an ebook all about using the technique to its full potential or even buy an awesome tomato timer to help you on your way. Check out the site here.


This blog post is not affiliated with, associated with, or endorsed by the Pomodoro Technique® or Francesco Cirillo. The Pomodoro Technique® is a registered trademark by Francesco Cirillo.

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