How to Make the Most Out of Your Content

In this post, I will focus on 3 key points of consistency that will help you make the most out of the content that you already have using strategic integrated marketing.

Integrated content marketing means that you are not only communicating a consistent brand and message with every piece of content that you create (including blogs posts, product descriptions, social media posts) but you are also taking your content goals into consideration and connecting those goals between your different content channels.

1. Consistent Visual Branding

Your brand is the face of your business, so it is important to stay consistent with it across all channels, whether that means making sure your logo is used as the profile picture of every social media channel, branding all of your images on Instagram with your website URL, using the same font in your social media images, or making sure that the style of the images used on your website whether that be for products or for blog posts are in line on all platforms.

Ask yourself: Does every piece of content deliver my brand message? Where do I need to focus more energy?

2. Delivering a Consistent Message

Are your customers receiving a consistent message wherever they encounter your content? Consistency can be a big challenge for businesses of all sizes but once you nail it down, you will be able to keep it going. Regardless of the channel or format you are using to connect with your audience, you want them to have the same experience whether they are online or they meet your business in person.

We talked about visual branding in point 1, now let’s talk about the things that contribute to your business message that are not related to the physical visual look of your business.

For example, the voice you are using on your blog could be the same voice that speaks to your customer in product descriptions or the type of impression that all of your content leaves upon your audience. Aim to send out that same message wherever possible.

A consistent message teaches your audience what to expect from you; it bonds them to you and helps create recognition, loyalty, and ultimately sales of your work.

Ask yourself: What message am I delivering to my audience/potential customer? Is it the same on all platforms?

3. Consistent Cross Promotion

Are you using marketing channels where your audience actually hangs out? Perhaps you’ve identified that your audience primarily reads your blog, interacts with you more on Twitter than Pinterest and subscribes to your email. Integrating the channels where your ideal customer can find you online is going to allow you to not only keep up with visual branding and message consistency but it is also going to allow each of these content marketing channels to support the others without too much trouble as long as you are strategic about what you are sharing.

For example, if your goal is to boost your website traffic to generate sales of your art prints, then your blog posts, Twitter and email content should all work together to motivate readers to pop over and visit your site and buy an art print from you.

Ask yourself: Do I know where my ideal customer hangs out?

Pulling It All Together:

Take a look at your content marketing strategy. As you add new marketing channels to your strategy, make sure that they deliver a consistent message, support ongoing content marketing goals, and are supported by your other marketing channels. You can use technology to help facilitate the integration process. Your Instagram posts can be scheduled via HootSuite and pinned on Pinterest using IFTTT.

If your communications are consistent and your channels support one another, your message will be strengthened. Your audience will learn to trust you and importantly recognise you in a crowd. It creates a stronger, more unified and more enjoyable customer experience.

Your next steps:

Review your current marketing strategy and begin to make plans to add a new marketing channel or make a plan to overhaul a current marketing channel. Plan how any new content will support your brand, your message, goals, and other content channels.

Hey, I’m Gem! The tech, systems and planner nerd behind Create & Bloom.

I work with creative business owners and entrepreneurs to craft, develop and crystallize an online presence and voice for their products and services as well as going deep into integrating systems to make their businesses run smoother.

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