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Website Wizardry

Spoiler! Building a website isn’t just the job of the website designer.

Building a website requires work from both sides of the project.

You need to know exactly what you want your website to do, how it will serve your customers and also have every piece of content ready to go so your designer can get started right away without having to come back to you with questions.

If you are looking at building or rebuilding your own website or are looking to hire someone so that you can make your business stand out online but have no idea where to start with getting everything together – This is for you.

Website Wizardry is my Signature Process that aims to help you get ready to build a website that you love and does exactly what your customers need it to do and gives you the confidence to drive your offerings forward.

WW will help you get all the ingredients together and prep your caudron ready for the design process.


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Business Reflection Workbook and Guided Meditation


90-Day Business Planner


Vision Board Workbook


Vision Board Workbook


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