Suss out how to make this thing happen. Sow your business seeds and figure out the right way to nurture them.

This page is packed with resources designed to aid you in planning and nurturing what you already have so that you can move onwards and upwards towards making your life + business bloom.

Create an Action Plan

Most businesses start out with a dream and an inspiration, but that is often where it ends. Even the most innovative businesses can wind up closing their doors because a good plan of action and a focused timeline were not in place from the very beginning.

There are many benefits to creating an action plan and a good solid business timeline. When you have a plan in place, are following it regularly and continue to focus on the deadlines that you created for your business, things will run much more smoothly for you and most importantly, your customers.

The Importance of Brand Consistency

It is essential that branding, whether this is online branding, printed marketing materials or packaging, is always applied consistently and is noticeable through all communication channels. A strong persistent brand strengthens your business identity as well as earning you reliability and visibility points.

How to Make the Most Out of Your Content

This resource is a blog post, where I focus on 3 key points of consistency that will help you make the most out of the content that you already have using strategic integrated marketing.

Integrated content marketing means that you are not only communicating a consistent brand and message with every piece of content that you create (including blogs posts, product descriptions, social media posts) but you are also taking your content goals into consideration and connecting those goals between your different content channels.

1.Consistent Visual Branding
2. Delivering a Consistent Message
3. Consistent Cross Promotion

Cast a spell on your website and make it work seamlessly for you and your business offerings

Building a website requires work from both sides of the project. You need to know exactly what you want your website to do, how it will serve your customers and also have every piece of content ready to go so your designer can get started right away.

Over the years I have had many people contact me about building a website for their business but they haven’t realized that they are not completely ready, which is why I created a process for getting my clients ready for me to take the reins and turn their vision into a reality.

If you are looking at building your own website or are looking to hire someone so that you can make your business stand out online, this course is going to help you get ready to build a website that perfectly positions your business and does exactly what your customers need it to do and gives you the confidence to drive your offerings forward.

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