A Meditation for Reflecting On Your Business

Taking a step back from doing all of the things in your business is a brilliant way to remove overwhelm and procrastination. You might uncover a new idea that will lift the fog, help you organise your many ideas and banish that feeling of being behind in the game of entrepreneurship.

So, take a break, grab a journal and reflect on where you are right now with these journaling prompts:

  • If I could go back in time and plant a different seed in my business, I would have planted…
  • I secretly wish I…
  • The one thing that I wish to be known for is…
  • If money was no object in my business, I would…
  • What is one project that I could do right now that would move me closer to where I want to be?

If you want to take this further, the My Business Reflection Workbook and Meditation is all about reflecting on your business and understanding where you might be missing something so that you can get things sussed out to prepare you for moving forward with more clarity.

The meditation comes with a workbook that aims to help you get all of the thoughts that came up during your meditation written down so that you can find a clear path to move forward by figuring out exactly where you need to focus your energy and time.

It is perfect for when you are in a place where you feel a little lost or indecisive or if you just feel like some quiet reflection time.

If you would like to be in with a chance of winning make sure you are on our mailing list by 10th November 2016 and we will choose someone at random to win a free meditation and workbook download!

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Note: Mantra + Moon is my shop brand, hence the logo on this video.

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I work with creative business owners and entrepreneurs to craft, develop and crystallize an online presence and voice for their products and services as well as going deep into integrating systems to make their businesses run smoother.

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