TED Talks on Creativity

Creativity can be hard to find and even harder to inspire in others. The popular media company, TED (short for Technology, Entertainment and Design), strives to do just that, inspire and spread ideas that ignite change and innovation. Their motivational talks have been viewed millions of times across the globe. Lecturers range from artists to icons, from models to engineers, and the topics they explore are equally as diverse.

Whether looking for the inspiration to bring an idea alive or simply looking to pass the time, listen to these 15 talks sure to spark your creativity curated by the editorial team at Invaluable. Each talk featured below was chosen from the plethora in existence for their passion and correlation to the art community. They are each concisely summarized to help narrow your area of interest.

TED Talks on Creativity by Invaluable

Do schools kill creativity? – Sir Ken Robinson

Your elusive creative genius – Elizabeth Gilbert

Your body is my canvas – Alexa Meade

The clues to a great story – Andrew Stanton

The art of creating awe – Rob Legato

Taking imagination seriously – Janet Echelman

Design and destiny – Philippe Starck

Happiness by design – Stefan Sagmeister

Building the Seed Cathedral – Thomas Heatherwick

How I became 100 artists – Shea Hembrey

One year of turning the world inside out – JR

Art that craves your attention – Aparna Rao

Glorious visions in animation and performance – Miwa Matrayek

My 5 lives as an artist – Raghava KK

The playful search for beauty – Eva Zeisel

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