Business Tips and Resources for Artists and Designers

Back in 2012, I started an art blog…

At the beginning of my journey in business I found that there was no support system in place where people could come together and celebrate their creativity so I decided to create something to help others on this crazy adventure. I began by setting up an art blog, with the aim of supporting creatives and sharing their work.

I built and grew the A Place for Creation creative community and eventually turned the site into a membership community which had around 500 members – My intention here was to make it into a platform where creatives could support each other. I also launched the promo hashtag (#bigartboost) that has been kicking it on Twitter since January 2014. However, I decided to call it a day on APFC after 5 years as I was getting busier with client work, I was exhausted and my heart just wasn’t in it anymore so I decided to create a new concept that would work for me.

My clients were almost always small creative business owners who were predominantly artists or designers running online shops selling their designs but as I have grown, my client base has shifted so this page serves as sort of an archive for all of the business tips and resources for artists and designers created during the APFC era. They have been slightly adapted to align with my business as it is now.

Business Tips and Resources for Artists and Designers

As a small creative business owner myself, I know how hard it is to get started selling your designs so I decided to create a discounted service for Artists & Designers to help them create an online presence for their creativity.

Plan with me

Let’s connect by email and talk all things business planning. I will tell you all about my journey and a bit about my obsession with planning and how you can apply solid planning techniques to your business.

Explore my Planners

Whether you have started your business or are looking to get started, my planners have got your back.

My Creative Business Planner, aims to help you nail down the foundations so that you can work towards its future success. This planner was designed with artists and designers in mind and acts as a guide to help you create the basic foundations with some additional support when you need it.

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4 Key Areas + Call to Action Button Ideas & Examples

4 Key Areas + Call to Action Button Ideas & Examples

Coming up with non-boring calls to action for your website’s buttons can be difficult when all you want to do it get that sale page/lead magnet/new service or new page on your website online so that you can start sharing it. Getting your call to action right, could be all it takes to get someone to say yes to your offering so here are some fun alternatives to the often dull ‘Subscribe’ and Sign Up’ buttons.

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