But I’m not ready to hire a VA to help with tech and marketing yet

I didn’t actually know when I was ready to hire a VA. The tasks felt ready but my head and heart didn’t.

I just knew that I needed someone to take some of the pressure off because, my gosh, I do like to dollop that on myself. My VA, Heather, would probably tell you that too 🤦‍♀️

I was worried that I would not be good at delegating things that I have always had full control of or that I would need to do a lot of extra leg work just to get things done then I’d feel like I could have just done it myself.

I’d hired a social media manager, graphic designers, coaches and one VA for a few months which turned out to be a dud. I don’t think they really knew what they were doing and just took on the work for the sake of taking on the work.

I handed over Pinterest templates that I had already designed so they could be reused and ended up writing out all of the titles and captions for each pin which was basically just copy from my website, sales pages, blog posts and past social media captions so I was pretty much doing the job that I wanted off my desk myself.

The initiative wasn’t there to just crack on to get the job done. They also didn’t track their time, which as a VA, felt like a massive red flag. I didn’t know if I was giving her enough work to do or if I could hand more tasks over so I always felt like I was in a limbo and had to keep asking. Everything always felt vague.

But now, I feel very lucky to have found someone I can work with, who is willing to learn new things, will ask questions and flag things up, uses her initiative and reduces the pressure I put on myself. It’s like finding a piece of gold in a sea of online BS which is why I wanted to create something that would help more people with marketing and tech especially if they are not ready to hire, are struggling to find the right person or if they just want to be able to do it themselves.

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Hey, I’m Gem! The tech, systems and planner nerd behind Create & Bloom.

I work with creative business owners and entrepreneurs to craft, develop and crystallize an online presence and voice for their products and services as well as going deep into integrating systems to make their businesses run smoother.

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Thinking about hiring your first Virtual Assistant?

Maybe you don’t feel ready to let go of the tasks that you have always done yourself since you started your business. Maybe you don’t feel ready to start delegating because your systems are all over the place.

But MAYBE hiring a VA is the best way to overcome letting go of tasks and to give you a kick in the direction of organising your business’ behind the scenes so that you enjoy the reason you started your business in the first place.

Download the FREE workbook and get yourself 100% ready to finally take the plunge and shift some tasks off your shoulders.

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